PostMate 6HD

postmate_6hd_mThe Postmate 6HD is a high volume easy to use stand alone High Speed Pressure Seal machine based on proven technology, and incorporating a four roller seal unit. This system can also be used as a high speed paper folder.

It has an in-feed capacity of up to 1,500 pressure seal forms (Based on 80-100gsm pre print) and cycles at a speed of 13,000 forms per hour. Z, C, V (A4 & 14″) and bespoke folds are available with the easy to use lockable fold plates. The fold plates are locked into position to prevent movement during machine operation at speed.

Both the High Capacity Vertical Output Stacker, allowing for easy unloading of up to 800 sequenced forms, and Machine Cabinet, providing a suitable surface for the machine to operate, are fitted as standard.

A useful feature of this machine is the ‘Manual Seal’, which allows the operator to process an individual or damaged form through the sealing rollers, removing the need to reprint.

The processing speed can be adjusted to suit the operating environment simply by selecting the required speed on the easy to use control panel.

This machine is ideal for customers with large volumes to process where the deadline is critical.