Pressure Seal Systems

Choose a pressure seal system and experience the benefits of cost and resource management. This might just be the best investment you will make in the distribution and print handling of your secure documents.

pressure seal systems for secure mailing

Pressure seal systems use laser compatible forms with incorporated special glue patterns. This glue is activated when subjected to the high pressure produced during the sealing process. The forms are folded by the pressure seal machine and passed through sealing rollers to activate the glue.

The forms are now extremely secure, tamper-proof mailers suitable for mailing or distribution without the additional expense of envelopes. Cutting back on your use of envelopes not only saves expense for you but also has a positive environmental impact.

forms and machines for all your needs

Pressure seal systems are most commonly used with payroll applications. However, for any documents you have that require a single A4 page of print and which you want to deliver securely, pressure seal machines and stationery is the perfect choice.

As well as carrying a wide range of inline and offline pressure seal machines, we supply A4 pressure seal forms in C, V, or Z fold configurations. And if you need pressure seal forms in a different configuration or size, we're happy to design bespoke forms to meet your exact requirements.

Just give us a call at the Colvin Group on 01293 823 042 to discuss your needs or to ask for help or advice about pressure seal systems and the benefits they can bring you.